Saturday, October 4, 2008

INX Is Not X -- but still awesome

I'm on Siplebop right now, typing this in links2 -g.
But why you ask? Can't I just use Kazehakase you say? Well, I'm not running Fluxbuntu on it (surprise), I'm running something called INX (stands for INX is Not X).
What's special about INX?
No X.
It's a CLI only distribution, and it's not meant for servers either.
Because of this, even from the LiveCD, it's _really_ fast.
I'm not installing it on Siplebop, but I'll be installing it on Nesuro.
It also has a new experimental installation script called "inxtaller", which I could modify to use on Icebuntu when I get off my ass and work on Icebuntu.
Get it here:


Wonderboy said...

Heh, gotta love the CLI!

blackbelt_jones said...

INX is more than the console. It's a supercharged, pimped-out, optimized console.

And it's also Ubuntu. I installed INX to my harddrive yesterday, and I was able toeasily apt-get install a full-featured Ubuntu desktop while retaining all those great preset console features that come with INX, a swell internet radio, some nice menus and tutorials. So I have a two-tiered operating system now. There are times when I want to use the simplicity of the console. It lends itself to concentration. Since I am no guru, the help that I get from the INX console is appreciated, but it's good to know that I didn't have to burn any bridges. When I want to use the GUI, I just type "startx"