Saturday, May 31, 2008

Esteguan: Now on the internet!

I got the D-Link wireless card, and it works perfectly with Dreamlinux.
Only problem is that, (with Dreamlinux), I have no way of knowing what network I'm connected to.
I'm assuming it's connected to my home network, but what if I travel? (Which I will do frequently with it until I get Oofleschmoop working, because it's smaller than Blokhmen.)
I may just have to install nm-applet...
Update: I installed it and it's working fine now. I just have to remember to auto-start it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Update time!

Regarding those 4 computers I got to take home.
I got X working on Nettlewark, but with 16MB RAM I may actually just install BasicLinux and compile twin
I got Arch working on Zileo, with e16 and a bunch of other fun apps. (like Netscape :D)
I got 92% of Wolvix installed on Nesuro, but since I fail at life the parts that didn't install were the package manager (Gslapt) and the terminal. And a bunch of other stuff.
I got X working on that Packard Bell too (with DeLi), which I didn't name yet. Uh, Zitrak?
And I've come to the conclusion that Minix 2 would work well on that Packard Bell, the only problem being that I intend to run twin on it and I don't know the requirements for twin or if it will work on Minix 2.