Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some OS changes.

The Compaq got DeLi (still have to figure that one out)
The eMachines with 160MB RAM got OS changes too.
Siplebop (just stay with me here) got Fluxbuntu
Zalaf got Feather Linux.

I also have a complete list of names for the computers

MacBook: Blokhmen
ThinkPad T20: Esteguan
ThinkPad 560: Oofleschmoop
eTower 400i [1]: Eckle
eTower 400i [2]: Siplebop
eTower 400i [3]: Zalaf
eTower 400i [4]: Ezlekraz
Pro-Tech: Clipafa
Compaq Presario 5070: Astuguor

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Well, that's solved.

I managed to install BeaFanatIX on the family eMachine. It's mostly based on Ubuntu 5.10 (or at least the version I have is), so it installed and ran quite fine, but in failsafe mode. Unfortunately, it doesn't recognize the soundcard, though it's a minor problem.
KateOS is still a viable option, I just have to install it first.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ugh, distro horror.

On the family eMachine: (400Mhz processor, 192MB RAM, 4.3GB Hard drive)

Xubuntu was somewhere between horribly slow and annoyingly slow. Even Opera took a while to load, and it took forever to startup. I went and installed Fluxbuntu, but have met some annoyances. In addition to Fluxbox not being user friendly,
Fluxbuntu having some pretty annoying pre-installed applications, and worst of all, the screen resolution being funktastic, I've decided I needed to replace it.
And so I go to Distrowatch
First try. KateOS. After quite a few errors, it doesn't even boot from the LiveCD. Working with the nice folks at the forum on that one.
Second try. BeaFanatIX. Same error as Dreamlinux and Knoppix.
(It fails to find the CD holding the OS, and drops me to a rather limited shell)
It's actually rather unfortunate that BeaFanatIX had those same issues (not sure if they're resolvable) because it looked like a great distribution for these computers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Computer Literacy Questionnaire

Although it's true that, chances are if you can understand the stuff on this blog, you'll be considered computer literate, I'd like you to take this survey anyways.

<a href="">Click Here to take survey</a>

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

More eMachines!?

Three more.
same specs, except different RAM amounts. One has 32MB, the other two have 160MB.
The two w/160 are running AntiX, and the other, DSL.
In addition, the eMachine with 192MB RAM is now running Xubuntu (I had a corrupt disk prior) and is the family computer. It connects to the internet fine, although Firefox was too heavy for it, so I installed Opera. Shoot me.
I made an interesting find! Windows 3.1!
What to do with that...
And, I got my Dad to order me an external CD drive, and a wireless PC Card, that supposedly works with Linux.