Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In regards to the last post:

I'm pretty sure that my DeLi CD is messed up.
It installed all the extra apps in... 2 seconds? (read: it didn't)
And when I checked /dev/hda1, it looked as if all the /dev stuff had been put in /
So I'm actually quite happy it was just the CD/ISO, since that's easy to fix.

UPDATE: That was stupid.
Astuguor didn't have the RAM to do an install without a swap -- something I would of known had I read the wiki.
Let that be a lesson to ye.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My attempts to upgrade Astuguor to DeLi .8

Have failed.

I tried by the obvious method, installing it from CD, and LILO won't boot it (it looks like it's booting but then it hangs...).
I suppose I could use Smart Boot Manager to boot it then get help or reconfigure LILO (I noticed that during the install, no questions about the bootloader were asked, so maybe LILO is just confuzzled).
Unfortunately, I have no friggin clue on how to get to the BIOS setup to boot from a floppy, so I can't boot SBM.
Well crap, I'll have to work on reconfigging LILO from a LiveCD or something.