Thursday, March 27, 2008


Note: this may be formatted badly because the iPod Touch doesn't support the normal blogger text box, so I had to edit it in HTML... So much for Apple's blogging from phone campaign...

Well, I was trying out vtwm the other day, and I noticed that my RAM usage was less than 10% (on Blokhmen). Since I found the complete documentation for it, I'm going to make an awesome .vtwmrc, and probably use it on one of the DSL machines with 32MB RAM.

Fluxbuntu is back on Eckle.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean I've given up on Icebuntu.

Currently though, there are two problems with Icebuntu...

a) Kinda in development

b) Ubiquity crashes Eckle at 15% when formatting the disk...

So I have Fluxbuntu now, but I'll probably wipe it and put on Icebuntu when it has either a lighter installer or an alternate CD to install it from.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wireless PCMCIA cards.

These are pretty much essentials for Esteguan and Oofleschmoop, so I've been hunting them down and have come across some gems.

Found them on this page on the DSL wiki.

DX-WGNBC: Something from Dynex, it'd be great if it wasn't discontinued everywhere I google.

AT&T 6700g

It's great, but expensive... if any readers want to comment with a place to buy them that's cheaper, I'd much appreciate it.

Cisco Aironet 350

A bit too expensive too, but cheaper...

And from Amazon.

Compaq WL110

Not sure if this is the right product even, and it's still pretty expensive. (Yahoo! Shopping had it at $128!)

D-Link DWL-650

This was the card I though I ordered earlier... (I got the DWL-G650M, which doesn't work with Linux, despite the name similarities.) It looks good though.

I'm going to update this later.