Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some OS changes.

The Compaq got DeLi (still have to figure that one out)
The eMachines with 160MB RAM got OS changes too.
Siplebop (just stay with me here) got Fluxbuntu
Zalaf got Feather Linux.

I also have a complete list of names for the computers

MacBook: Blokhmen
ThinkPad T20: Esteguan
ThinkPad 560: Oofleschmoop
eTower 400i [1]: Eckle
eTower 400i [2]: Siplebop
eTower 400i [3]: Zalaf
eTower 400i [4]: Ezlekraz
Pro-Tech: Clipafa
Compaq Presario 5070: Astuguor

1 comment:

6billionghosts said...

i dig your computer names.

from fellow linux-on-old-machines person