Monday, October 6, 2008

BasicLinux on Nettlewark

It's installed to the hard disk, LILO and all.
Now, for the interesting part -- boot time.
Coldboot to "Please press Enter to activate this console. _" is...
Around 45 seconds (not a scientific measurement).
On a Pentium I.


Darrell said...

What is the RAM, Hard disk space (used and free) and CPU speed?

zmjjmz said...

Not kidding about these:
1GB hard drive, BasicLinux uses 5MB!
16MB RAM, BasicLinux (with only X running) uses 3MB (this is with buffers and shared subtracted)
133MHz processor, and I can't truly say how many cycles BasicLinux is using, but it doesn't seem much.

My only gripe (that I suppose I can't do much about) is that moving windows around is laggy, but that's what I get for using a generic video configuration.

13239 said...

did you do a complete install or just run from within dos?

Do you no where i might find a how to on this, i am just about to pick up a pentium one 800 mb hardrive and 16mb ram laptop with windows 95 any help greatly appreciated mate