Wednesday, April 23, 2008

4 more computers

Remember this one?
The one I failed to install DSL to?
Well, thanks to Smart Boot Manager, I managed to get DeLi on it. Despite a few minor issues (X not working), it runs nicely. I'm going to dub this one... uh... hmm... Nettlewark.

And this one, not sure if I discussed it yet, ate my CD last time. It works now (senile old computers), and DeLi is working on it too. Well, with the same issues.

It's a Packard Bell 820 (well, it says that's the model #...) with 30MB RAM.

I nabbed two more eMachines eTower 400i's (that makes 6...) one with 256MB RAM and the other with 128MB.

I'll dub them Zileo and Nesuro.
Screw logical naming schemes.

Although I didn't take these home, I did get to see a 1987 (I guess, latest copyright info) IBM PC

Don't worry, I just took the case off to dust it out.
It came with MS-DOS 4 in a floppy and IBM PC Basic without the MS-DOS floppy. It has 640K RAM (It should be enough for anybody) and what looks like no HDD. I was informed it was used for making bar codes.
Linux on it? Sure, find me a Linux distro that fits on a 1MB formatted 3.5" floppy and will run nicely in 640K.
I'll bake you cookies if you can get it to run X.

I then found a slightly less obsolete Packard Bell L.E.G.E.N.D. with 3MB RAM and MS-DOS (not sure which version). It has a 486 with who knows what clock speed. I think that Linux would actually be a bad idea for this, maybe I could try running FreeDOS with OpenGEM or KolibriOS.

I intend to come back because of a few Pro-Techs I'd like to try with Basic Linux (which I have the two floppies for now).

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